26 November 2013


Christopher  Michael Tew


Born in London in 1984

‘……..his early life was adventurous and varied and amongst other things un-numb…….’

Recently described as a storyteller, Christopher is a completely self taught visual artist, specialising in photography and moving imagery.

“Creating from the world I immerse myself in has become my life companion, I see no separation between my life and the process of using different mediums to capture life around me”

Working on Commission and publishing his own projects, constantly changing between corporate communications assignments with long-term personal projects world wide. Christopher believes constantly chopping and changing between environments, equipment and subjects keeps the observation of human groups from a  sociological perspective fresh and interesting.

A complete immersion into his subjects worlds enables christopher to understand his subjects lives to truly capture them, in 2010 he lived within the community of malaria suffers in southern Ghana to create his portrait series ‘malaria’ returning to europe with Malaria, needing to send 6 months recovering. The Malaria series has sense been exhibited in various galleries world wide.

In 2012 Christopher spent a year based in Colombia, creating ‘Caleno Anonimo’.

“To truly understand a subject’s way of life, his struggles, highs and lows, one must become one of them”

Later he lived closely with street recyclers in the southern most populous city of Colombia Cali to film  ‘Citizen Rubbish’.

‘Caleno Anonimo’ was exhibited as a travelling exhibition around Colombia, forming the background for Dance Choreographer Heddy Maalem’s production of ‘war and peace’ ballet performance.

“To me it’s all about the emotion, you have to use the heart to sense the emotion, your ears to judge the movement and your eyes to snatch the magic”